Watch Tom Winchester discuss how artists benefit from NFTs at MCM Comic Con in London, England. He explains the artist-centric market paradigm of NFTs, which has the artist earning a percentage of every subsequent sale of their creations. The panelists include financial advisor Shaun Rowles, blockchain entrepreneur Adi Ben-Ari, comic-book journalist Rich Johnston, and Legion M representative Claire Bateman-King. (October 2021)
Watch Tom Winchester discuss the work of artist collaborators, Mickett-Stackhouse, with curator of the Gallery at Creative Pinellas, Danny Olda. This live-streamed discussion was in support of Expanding Waters, an exhibition that addressed the causes of climate change, and offered some solutions. The artworks on view included paintings, an installation, and a viewer-created activity. (May 2021)

Watch Tom Winchester present his paper titled, “Heteronormativity in Infinite Jest” at the 2019 International David Foster Wallace Conference at Illinois State University. The paper shows argues that Wallace’s most famous novel has a heteronormative setting, and points out its many egregious, flippant usages of homophobic slurs. Genevieve Bettendorf presents “The Wallace Phase,” and the panel is moderated by Matthew Alexander. (July 2019)